Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Ballet Body: PS1: Weeks 5-7 Workout 3

First of all I want to say that I truly consider these workouts to be advanced for a couple of reasons. First there is the sheer length and difficulty of the movements. Second there is the complexity of the movements and the advanced form you need to truly perform the movements correctly. Take all that together and you have a recipe for muscle substitution and possibly injury in someone who is not an advanced exerciser. I'm not saying that a less than advanced exerciser can't use Leah's workouts. I would suggest that Beginners start out with her Basics 1 series and use them until you are quite comfortable. Then move to the Basics II series for a few weeks. Better yet, you could email her and get her recommendations.

That said, I didn't find the third workout in this month's series of three as daunting as the first two. It was a little shorter but the movements were still quite demanding. It seems trite to say I might be getting stronger but it is a possibility.

These workouts continue to be a big jump, both in time outlay and intensity from the first month series. That has me curious to find out exactly  how intense Leah's workouts will get as the series continues. For now I'm continuing on with the plan but I reserve the right to stop at any time. :)

Editing after the second time doing this workout. I liked it more the second time through.

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Lannette Madden said...

Popping in to update this post. I ended up doing this workout a third time. In some ways it felt more challenging the third time than it did the second. I think I was going deeper in the form to some degree.

So according to plan a recovery week is next. Will I continue on into Month 3? The first workout of the Month 3 schedule wouldn't fit on one dvd! I'd be telling an untruth if I said that doesn't give me pause.

Being the creative type who likes to see through what she starts, I immediately came up with three different ideas make the time easier to find. Now I have to wait and see if I actually find it. ;)