Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Ballet Body PS1 Weeks 9-11 WO 2 YOWZA!!

Alright now! That was mighty interesting. This workout was the first of this series that I wouldn't call full body. This workout hit the lower body and hit it hard!

It was again quite repetitive but for some reason it didn't bother me as much as the first in this month's series. When I say it didn't bother me I mean that I didn't become horribly irritable. I almost hate to admit it but I think I might even see where Leah was coming from with that horrible endless pretzel torture sequence in the last workout.

The first two months of this periodization schedule were Base conditioning. This month and next are considered general strength. I'm not thinking about the last two months yet.

One thing that I find quite interesting is that I will feel my low back working quite intensely, almost to the point where I'm afraid that I'm going to hurt myself but then with the next movement series my back totally releases and feels relaxed. After thinking about this I realize that it feels similar to what I experience with a good, deep Yin stretch in this area.

As always I felt stronger and more accomplished than in the past and yet the movements felt more demanding.

Oh and the workout ran one hour and 18 minutes in length. I can't say that it flew by but it moved right along and that's not bad considering I did it after an 11.5 hour work day that was quite demanding.

I'll come back and add to this when I see how much DOMS I have tomorrow and the next day.

Oh and don't tell Leah but I did some T-Tapp today. Not a ton but enough to lighten my mood.

Popping back in before this even hits the blog. Mimimal DOMS - more muscle awareness. Yet I can tell that my muscles have been worked quite deeply.

Editing this to make mention of the fact that this workout is extremely foot intensive! You spend much of your time in releve on both and sometimes on one foot. When you finally go to the floor you are again in releve on one or both feet with feet against the wall while you do elevated bridge work. I have very strong feet, by nature and through my exercise choices. Someone without strong feet could injure their feet or ankles if their form deteriorates as their feet become tired. 


Lannette Madden said...

Wanted to update this after the second time of doing this WO. Thw WO felt shorter this time through but I really felt the thigh work intensely - probably because I took Hutch and Reilly for a long walk before I did it. What can I say? We tend to walk longer when we have the time and weather is good.

Despite feeling the workout while performing it any soreness was minimal after the fact.

Lannette Madden said...

Updating after doing this workout for the third and final scheduled time.

I guess that the third time must have been the charm. Actually I think I - as Teresa Tapp says - had a physiological break through. I felt much stronger and able to work more deeply into the movements and the form today.

The workout still felt long and repetitive but it also felt tolerable - dare I say fun at times.

At this point I feel I'll definitely finish month 3 which means I'll be half through the schedule. From there I'll just have to see.