Saturday, October 20, 2012

Ballet Body PS1 Wks 9-11 WO 1 AARRRGGGH

Warning: This is a long review. If you can stand to do so please read to the end because my feelings for this workout changed slightly each time I repeated it. To be fair to Leah I wanted to make this clear right off the top of the review.

This workout was an hour and 33 minutes long. Once again Leah chose a movement pattern and beat it to death or maybe it was me she was trying to kill. This one was threes. She hit just about every angle humanly possible and repeated it for endless sets of 8. We're talking some serious dread factor here and not just because of muscle burn. If I had to describe my feelings about this workout in as few words as possible I'd say: Brain numbingly repetitive

Leah also needs to learn to count. Seriously, if you are going to ask people to do endless reps of slight variations of the same movement you need to count the reps correctly - otherwise they tend to become irritable. Do I seem irritable?

My final thought on this workout is that it, once again, is a huge leap from last month's intensity and reps. Pretzel movements, similar to those in Calanetics, are introduced for the first time. I was fine with them because I've done these movements before but someone who hadn't might not do so well to continue this new movement for the number of reps and variations required by this workout.

And now a thought on another workout. I miss T-Tapp! I miss never having to do more than 8-10 reps and still getting great results in both strength and aesthetics. I miss not working out for more than a hour and less if I want and still maintaining my strength! I don't like feeling irritable when I finish a workout. I want to feel accomplished, calm and relaxed.

Part of me wants to tough it out and keep on keeping on with this system but honestly I can't imagine results good enough that I'd want to invest this much time to working out all the time.

I guess the good news is that the schedule only calls for this workout to be done three times. The bad news is that if I stick to the schedule I would need to do it two more times. I'm enough of a dork to wonder if I'd be so irritable the next time I did it. I guess we'll see.

Coming back in to add to this review to add to it. After experiencing such strong emotions around this workout I wondered if  I had been overtraining. Well, I woke up the next day with some slight muscle awareness but no overriding soreness. I also slept like a log that night. So I don't think that overtraining was to blame. I truthfully enjoyed the first hour of the workout. What got me going was the endless pretzel series.

I'll go on record as saying that it is mind numbing boredom to use slight variations of the same movement  to work one area for 20 minutes and 41 seconds. I was able to do all the reps. I'm only slightly sore in the area targeted by the reps. But, the need to engage in this type of mental torture still escapes me!

Back after having a third go at it. This workout had a very different feel about it. First of all I didn't walk/run three miles with the dogs prior to doing it. I think that made a difference. Amazement was one of my first reactions. This was only the third time I had done this workout. Up to the point of beginning this workout I had done a sum total of 6 Ballet Body workouts over the last two weeks.

I was very most definitely stronger while performing this workout. DO NOT confuse that statement with meaning that I wasn't challenged while doing this workout. I definitely was! The reps still went on and on but having not walked first I was mentally in a better place to deal with it. I might have also  been more relaxed because I knew what was coming and was mentally prepared for it.

I was drenched after I finished the workout. I also felt as if I had accomplished something. The workout felt tougher than the last time on a deeper more form driven level. These are all things I love about T-Tapp workouts. I find it quite interesting that this workout seems to deliver those things. Quite honestly, I think I still prefer T-Tapp for the fact that it's so time efficient but Body Ballet definitely delivers a compatible workout for those who want to branch out.

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Lannette Madden said...

Coming back in to update.. I did repeat this workout and it was quite as brain numbing as the last time.

The pretzel and ending abs sections still felt like they went on forever. I also felt as if some of the reps were uneven. I counted them out and did only the number that was stated and that helped.

I seem to always dislike the workout the first time I do it and then settle in the second time around.

DH mentioned last night that it's been a long time since he saw me happy and relaxed when I finished a workout. (other than cardio) He also noted that he hasn't heard Teresa Tapp's voice floating down from the loft where I workout. You've got to love an observant man.