Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Bouncin' in the House by Blanche Black

 Bouncin' in the House is a rebounding DVD. Blanche leads you through a brisk 20 minute rebounding session followed by about 10 minutes of slow sustained stretching. When I say brisk I do mean brisk. The instrumental background music is between 140-145 beats per minute.

The workout is meant to be progressive. You are told to do only the first 3 minutes on week 1 then progress to 6 minutes during week 2 working up to the full 20 minutes by week 4. The first 3 minutes are brisk health bouncing. By that I mean that the feet do not leave the mat of the rebounder. The second three minutes add some alternating feet where the heels leave the rebounder but the toes do not. Interestingly enough this really tends to tighten up the calf muscles. Blanche remedies this in the stretch section with a nice long calf stretch that targets first the gastroc and then the soleus muscles - one leg and then the other.

Toward the end of the workout you perform several "jogging" intervals the first two of which are 3 minutes. Some people might find this boring. I didn't mind it but then I run so the repetition didn't bother me.

During the workout the arm movements are quite simple. Over all the simplicity and repetitive nature of the movements on this DVD were a nice contrast to the more dance-like Starbound DVD that I tend to pull out most often when I rebound. I got a good sweaty workout in short order.

The stretch section is basic but feels great after the workout. It's well cued and the stretches are held for a decent amount of time. I finished this workout feeling sweaty and energized yet also calm.

This DVD is a DVD-R. I've had mine for quite a while now with no problems with any changes in the quality of the play back.

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