Sunday, October 28, 2012

Clean, Neat Ice for Cooler

Given the fact that this area tends to lose power with high wind we are not strangers to pulling out a cooler to keep food cold.

I really dislike the food floating in a tub of water phenomenon that is inevitable with block or bag ice. This summer I decided to try making my own leak proof block of ice. I purchased a 3L bottle of Poland Spring water and tossed it in the freezer. Imagine my surprise when it stayed partially frozen for the weekend during a camping trip.

We used the same trick when we traveled back and forth to Bar Harbor this fall with equally good results. The bottle is now fully frozen in the freezer, ready to pull out should we need it.

It's held up well through about 5 refreezings now. I don't think we'd drink the water - other than in dire emergency - but I certainly will use it to water plants or flush a toilet during an outtage should the bottle spring a leak. Then of course we can recycle the plastic.

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