Monday, October 1, 2012

Form and Restructuring in a Chair: Lower Body

If possible do this exercise in front of a mirror so you can see slight deviations in your foot alignment as you perform the exercise. Sit at the front of your chair in the alignment described in the first post of this series.

Be sure that your knees are in front of your hip bones, your heels below your knees and your feet straight ahead. Place your hands on your hips.

1. Lift your right foot as if marching. Watch to see if your foot moves toward your other leg or away from  your other leg. If it does put your foot down and repeat the exercise lifting only as high as you can without that inward or outward foot stray occurring. Repeat on the other side. Work up to the point where you can march slowly in your chair without any foot stray occurring. Over time work to be able to raise your knee higher and higher without having any foot stray occur.

To further realign your lower body click on this link and practice the toe tapping exercise. The seated alignment is quite different than the alignment I've been using in this series but with good reason. It will help rebalance your lower body in its own way.

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