Tuesday, October 9, 2012

"I feel so good! Like I'm in a new body!"

This was a statement by a brand new client as she emerged back into the waiting room after a massage.

My immediate thought in response to her statement was, "This is what massage therapy is supposed to be all about."

I have also heard massage therapists promise to turn a client into a "puddle of drool." That certainly can be the goal of a massage if that's all the client wants out of the experience.

The problem with puddles of drool is that they dry up - quickly - or we wipe them away in order to get back to life as we normally live it. In other words, puddles of drool are short lived.

That new body feeling lasts longer and often intensifies for the first 24 hours post massage. It can last even longer if the client performs some simple restructuring exercises and stretches between massages.

The new body feeling isn't quite as disorienting as the puddle of drool feeling either and that certainly needs to be a consideration for the client. It's usually possible to choose a combination of strokes, muscle and finishing techniques that will give the client who wants the best of both worlds a nice balance between the two.

Something to think about before you schedule your next massage.


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