Sunday, October 7, 2012

Low Cost Spa Treatments for Vacation or any time

We just returned from a wonderful vacation. The vacation was planned as a family vacation with our grown sons joining us. Yet, I also knew that I wanted to have a little spa type pampering. The week before we left I got the idea to take my personal Swiss Just arsenal of products with me and create at least once spa treatment per day. In reality I ended up being able to treat myself morning and night.
The resulting treatments were very inexpensive and because I didn't travel back and forth to a spa they didn't use up much of the time we had planned for family. Here are some of the treatments I did.

1. Every evening I used my diffuser with either 31 oil or Anti Stress Activator essential oils. The wonderful fragrance helped relax everyone after a busy day walking, sight seeing and hiking.

2. Every evening I gave myself a foot massage and hand massage using Swiss Just Pedicream and Chamomile Hand Cream. A couple evenings I even convinced DH to trade with me and we massaged each other's feet and hands.

3. Morning and Evening I used my Swiss Just Tea Tree Gel face wash and Tea Tree Facial Toner and then applied the Jojoba Oil/essential oil mix I make up myself.

4. One day when I awoke a little sore from extra hiking I massage my sore calves and ankles with Swiss Just Body Balm and followed up with Juniper cream.

5. The one evening when the weather changed and we suddenly had heavy rain I applied a dab of Thyme cream and a drop of 31 oil to my upper chest and then sprayed a puff of Eucasol as insurance against the headache I usually get with sudden weather changes.

6. I used and egg white one time and honey another and gave myself a mask twice during our week away.

7. I did a hot/cold contrast shower and followed it up with full body moisturizer.  (Next time I'll put together a small amount of salt glow and plan to use it.)

As you can see, I went at it full tilt. You certainly don't have to take it to the extreme I went to.

My point is that you can easily keep a few items on hand and create an inexpensive spa treatment or several treatments depending upon the time you have available. It's amazing how treating yourself to a few minutes of self care will equally instill a sense of tranquility and relaxation to a busy week or a day off.

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