Saturday, October 27, 2012

PS1 Weeks 9-11 WO 3 Boy OH Boy!

Once again this was a targeted workout rather than a total body workout. It targeted upper body and abs/core. Again there was a pattern, again it was repeated endlessly, again it was - I'm sorry to say - boring.

It wasn't boring at first. During the first planking section it was great but the weighted section (light weights) was about 25 minutes and it repeated the same 4 count pattern over and over for endless counts of 8 in various angles. I was fine at first but round about 20 minutes I was ready to be done. Not due to terrible muscle burning but because I was freaking sick of the pattern and endless reps.

The side planking series also seemed endless and the abs as well. I just think that once I'm sick of repetition I'm sick of it. Unfortunately the result is that I don't feel uplifted and relaxed when I finish and this is most likely going to be the deal breaker for this rotation.

This workout ran 1 hour and 12 minutes in length.

I had another thought while being bored to death. If my memory is correct these sections were originally a subscription where you received a download weekly or maybe two weekly. Then Leah strung them together into this periodization schedule. Two of these sections together wouldn't be bad - you could get through them. It's when they're strung together that they start to feel like overkill.

Leah is in different outfits and her hair changes from section to section. This means that sections were filmed on their own. I wonder if she ever did this entire periodization schedule as written, running through each workout without stopping?? If she did I wonder if she was sick of repeating things to death? HMMM something to ponder.

On a lighter and more positive note these workouts do build strength and bring about aesthetic change over time. Honestly? I'm not sure the torture of repetition is worth it. I'm already dreading next week when I start over with workout 1. We'll see if I manage to repeat this series of workouts more than once.


Lannette Madden said...

Ok, I did this workout for a second time. As seems to be the pattern, it felt less boring and a little less tedious than the first time through.

The same sections that felt long the first time through felt long the second time through but not AS long and they didn't drag or bore as much. I felt stronger and was better able to hold the positions.

Today someone who doesn't give compliments easily and without reason paid me a compliment. HMMM I told her that she just might have given me a reason to stick with an exercise program I was thinking about dropping. LOL

Lannette Madden said...

I repeated this workout for a third and last time. Can't say I totally enjoyed it but it wasn't completely awful. Noticed an improved sense of overall strength.

Onward to recovery week.