Monday, October 22, 2012

Robbing Peter to Pay Paul

No, I'm not talking about the Beatles. :)
This is yet another saying that my grandmother used to use; "You can't keep robbing Peter to pay Paul." This saying actually has merit in more than one area of life.

I want to talk about it in reference to overbooking life. True confession time: The habit of allowing my life to become overbooked is one that I am still working on. That means that I am unhappily an expert at how it happens, how to juggle it and the unhappy side effects it brings about. I am not an expert on how to totally reform yourself from the phenomenon. So if total reform is what you're looking for, it's best to look elsewhere.

Truth be told, I'm not sure I would accept a total reform even if it were in my grasp. I enjoy being busy - just not too busy. The breaking point is when I find myself not able to do life activities that I really want to do because I'm too busy. I just recently had to cancel out on an event that I wanted to attend because I was already too booked. That's a signal for me to step back and rebalance.

I'm getting better at preventing myself from getting to that point. I'm also getting better at making certain that the busy-ness in my life is - for the most part - busy with things I want to be busy with. Most importantly I do back down when I sense things getting past the point of sane.

So these days instead of ROBBING Peter to pay Paul I sometimes take a short term loan from him.

My challenge to you is to examine your life. How busy are you? How much of the busy is filled with things you truly want to be busy with? Can you imagine decreasing some of the busy time that is filled with things you'd rather not be busy with? What would your life look like if you did that?

If you made two lists, optional and non-optional, how balanced would they be? Are all of the non-optional items really non-optional?

Having this type of a conversation with yourself is a little like spring housecleaning. I highly recommend it.

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