Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Seasonal Cycles: Another Perspective
Yesterday I wrote about some interventions that I used to help us better weather our cold, dark fall into winter season.

Today I'd like to share another thing that has really helped me to enjoy rather than struggle with this time of year.

Quite simply stated, I changed my perception of this time of year. Instead of looking at it as a dark miserably cold and damp part of the year I now think of it in terms of contrast and the cycles of seasons and of life.

This will probably sound hokey and if you really hate the dark time of the year you might want to hit me but this is now how I truthfully see it. If we never experience the dark and cold of late fall and early winter then how much less of a contrast will there be when late winter arrives with intense quiet cold, clear weather, snow blanketing the ground and robin's egg blue skies? (My favorite time of the year for those very reasons...) How much less of a contrast will we note when Noisy Spring arrives bringing the sound of rushing rivers and seasonal brooks handling the spring run off, the song of birds returning to the area and the re-emergence of the forest undergrowth and leaves? Let's not also forget the light, bright, warmer days of summer, short as it is here.

I guess rather than seeing myself as suffering through late fall/early winter I choose to embrace this time as part of my ongoing celebration of the cycles of life and the seasons and in doing so I've discovered there are actually quite a few things I like about this time of year.

Interestingly enough I've also found that I can often use this same compare and contrast technique with other things in my life that initially please me less than I would like. It's often easier to simply roll with the punches life deals than to rail against them. Maybe some would view this as wimping out in my old age but I prefer to see it as the blossoming wisdom of coming of age. I also see it as embracing my own growing spirituality.

My tongue in cheek challenge to you is to see how many different shades of grey you can identify in the sky over the next month.

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