Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The Calm After The Storm

I saw three rainbows yesterday - three! That was after I awoke to a downpour and drove to work through a downpour and watched the downpour slow to a drizzle.

This is a picture of one that I managed to capture with my phone. The "lights" on the mountain are actually a reflection in the window I was shooting through.

I'm really thankful for the seasonal brooks that surround us. They handled the run off from the rain and are still handling it now as it's pouring again as I write this.

Last night DH put an empty waist high trash can under the roof to see how much run off we'd get. (we have no gutters or downspouts because of all the snow we get in the winter.) The trash can was filled with water within 6" of the top this morning.

I can't complain though.....what's a little soggy ground when other people have lost their homes.


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