Saturday, November 17, 2012

Ballet Body: Reached the midpoint of the schedule

I'm a little surprised at how underwhelmed I feel at having hit the mid-point of the Ballet Body Periodization Schedule. That could be because I just realized that there are THREE more months of this lunacy ahead if I want to finish!

 It's kind of lonely to do a system like this after all the hoorarah of its release has come and gone. I remember in year 2011 it was plastered all over the videofitness site. Now you rarely hear of anyone even attempting it. So I went over to the video fitness site and did a search on this periodization schedule.

It made me feel better to read others saying and thinking the same things that I've been thinking and writing as far as the schedule is concerned. People started the schedule with excitement but soon the repetitive nature of the workouts and the sheer length of them started to be too much for people and they either modified or eventually dropped out of the check ins.

Also if you are drawn to the system because of the mental image that the name stirs up think again. The exercises and the fact that they hit the body from so many angles are designed to develop a long lean look. But think about Ballerinas. They are rail thin and maintain unhealthy BMIs. (I know, I used to be one.) If you finish the schedule and get your body fat to that low level you will no doubt have a Ballet Body to strut around in. If you have anything approaching a normal bodyfat level all that sleek leaness will be buried deep enough to be but a figment of your imagination.

All that said, I'm not a quitter. I've trained for marathons and followed other training programs that were as long as this one but I've never wanted to quit one so badly at the midpoint. You're probably sick of reading that and if you are JUST STOP READING! LOL To be honest, I'm sick of thinking it.

I guess I just keep thinking that any workout now I'll adapt to the torture and suddenly start enjoying repeating the same movement in slightly variations for endless reps. So far it hasn't happened.

Coming in to add to this. I should probably always give myself a cooling off period before I write up a BB workout. LOL! Reading my own reviews after the fact tends to be interesting and amusing. But then I guess I'm easily amused. To be fair, I did see a slimming effect from these exercises so my above statement was not sour grapes. I stand by it and challenge you to find a person who has finished these schedules who says that these exercises made them buff. Check out the success pics on the website. These workouts will give you lean strength but not buffness. Well at least not unless you are willing to diet down to less than 10% bodyfat. Do I have any takers? :)


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