Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Changing the Plan

I was teaching the stages of behavioral change and talking about SMART goals to my patients today. We got to the part where we talk about what to do if you realize that your plan is no longer a good fit and I had a light bulb moment.

I've been so intent with finishing the Ballet Body Periodization Schedule that I've been ignoring the fact that it really isn't a good fit anymore. In fact, the fit is only going to get worse once it jumps to 4 workouts a week. So I've decided to afford myself the same self kindness I tell my patients and clients to afford themselves. I'm changing the plan.

I've been craving a T-Tapp full body workout in the worse way and that's what I'm going to do! I might even string a few together into a bootcamp of sorts. I'm going to give myself a day or so to ponder it and then move forward with my new and improved plan. I'm re-energized and excited about exercise again and can't wait to begin.

I don't plan to totally abandon the Ballet Body workouts and downloads. I'll consider mixing them into my schedule but NO hour and a half killer sessions and no more workouts that leave me cross and wanting to swear like a sailor. That kind of workout schedule will only tend to inflame my body with will lead to a stress response. I'm actually quite lucky that my body has been tolerating it up to this point. It's a sign that my body is more balanced and stronger and more stress resistance but I don't want to push my luck.

I've decided to follow my own advice.

So for now I want to concentrate on getting back to T-Tapp full workouts.


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