Thursday, November 8, 2012

Inexpensive Facial
Please Note: Please take care when using this natural facial. Only you know how sensitive your skin is. I honestly believe that a less is more approach is usually best when trying anything new.

Another important thought just brought to my attention by Teresa Tapp. Use aluminum free baking soda! I didn't realize that arm and hammer contains aluminum. Apparently Red Mill brand doesn't. I will be checking for it and asking our co-op to carry it if they don't already. Thank you Teresa!

[sigh] Kind of wish I had never posted this facial but it has been a learning experience. :) This link states that there is no aluminum in baking soda - nice site too. I just had a chance to check the label and no where does it state that there is aluminum in my box of baking soda the way a can of aluminum containing baking powder does. However the description of how Arm and Hammer makes its baking soda from the site I linked to is enough to make me shy from using it on my face again. So Arm and Hammer for cleaning Red Mill for personal use! All that said, the facial listed below does leave your skin feeling wonderful.

1. Begin with clean skin

2. Exfoliate - I take about a tablespoon of baking soda - yes! baking soda. I moisten it with water and gently - very gently use it to exfoliate my skin. I don't "scrub" with it but rather with almost no pressure lightly swirl it around while avoiding my eye area.

3. Rinse well
4. Honey up - I use about a tablespoon or maybe a bit less of high quality honey. I spread it over my face again avoiding my eye area. I like to leave it on for 15 minutes if I have the time.

5. Rinse well, blot dry with a soft dry wash cloth

6. I like to finish this facial by applying a few drops of high quality oil to my face. Jojoba, Maracuja, or Watts Beauty ArganGoldTM are a few of my favorites.  I linked to the argan oil because it's a value for the $$ and I've used it so I feel I can recommend it.

Once again I'll reiterate that you should take care and do a patch test if you have allergies or sensitive skin.

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