Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Now THAT was a workout!

First off all sorry that my blog seems a bit off with time. I usually write ahead and bumped a few posts forward and things are a little jumbled.

Last night I decided I wouldn't wait until the new T-Tapp dvds I ordered came in to do a full body T-Tapp workout. I've said it before and will say it again, T-Tapp to Tempo is my all time favorite workout! I'm  not even sure it's available for sale anymore. I have the original VHS version of it and a flea bitten dvd copy I made so that the tape would last longer.

I had THE best workout. It was challenging but I held my own. I exercise in bare feet on a firm yoga mat. The mat puts a bit of extra wobble in my bobble during balance sequence but that's just going help build strength so I don't care.

One of the things I value about T-Tapp is the fact that it has a great stress relieving benefit. I slept so well last night. Didn't wake up even once.

T-Tapp also improves assimilation. One workout and I could tell the difference.

Last night's workout was so soul satisfying that I decided to repeat it tonight after the dogs and I had our even run/walk session.

I'm glad I've been working on restructuring my posture. I could definitely feel lunges, airplanes and a few other movements differently and more deeply than in the past. All good stuff!

Coming in to edit to add that I always notice that T-Tapp muscle awareness AKA soreness is deeper and more integrated than other workout methods. With more traditional methods and even ballet type workouts I am sore in a targeted area. With T-Tapp the soreness is mild and more spread out and what I would characterize as functional soreness. It lets me know I accomplished something for the time I put in.

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