Saturday, November 3, 2012

Quite Possibly the Perfect Cardio Exercise

What am I talking about? Walking of course! It's all natural and the only requirement is a pair of shoes - unless of course you're walking barefoot and then you can skip even those.

Hutch while out walking
Walking also gives you the best ever excuse for getting a dog or two or three! We know that having a walking partner, human or canine makes you more likely to actually get out there and walk. I personally think it's harder to come up for excuses as to why you can't walk when two sets of big brown eyes great you at the front door.

Who can resist puppy eyes
begging for a walk?
A dog or two will keep you moving in pretty much all but the worse weather. For days when even the dogs don't want to be out you'll need a back-up plan. If you're lucky enough to have a treadmill you have no excuse. A rebounder can also be a great back-up plan. It's different than walking but still gets your heart rate going.

Finally, there are walking DVDs available. Leslie Sansone is probably best known for walking workouts. I'd tell you that they are quite good but you want to be careful of your alignment. On some of her DVDs the form shown isn't the very best. Walking with poor form can actually be counter productive. Don't take that as a reason not to walk! Just straighten up and walk right when you walk! The postural exercises listed under the "new to exercise" link can help you get a feel for that.

Teresa Tapp also has a walking DVD that can help reverse postural distortion while walking in your living room. Walking with better posture will give your lungs more room to function and over time make you a more efficient walker. You can purchase this dvd HERE.

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