Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Addicted to Food?

Yesterday I talked about how frightening it can be to change the way we eat. Today I want to touch on the subject of why it may be do darn difficult to decide to make dietary changes and then stick with them.

It may seem natural to blame the person who doesn't desire dietary change or who isn't able to make the changes or possibly makes them but can't make them stick. Many consider them weak willed. I have to ask myself if it's possibly that upwards toward 70% of Americans have no will power. Sorry, I just can't buy that.

Personally, I think that it's really a multidimensional problem. The social aspect of food in our society has been pointed to in the past yet many European countries are steeped with food centered traditions and they aren't as heavy as we are. We've been told that we don't move enough and yes, that's part of the problem but remember the three legged stool I spoke of in my last post?

Turns out that we might just be addicted to processed foods. Yes, I said addicted. Dr. Mark Hyman describes this eloquently on his website. 

This article on the Daily Beast speaks about some of the studies and the groups who are studying this theory.

Finally this article talks about how processed food manufacturers go about making their foods more addictive as covered in a 60 minutes segment. It also provides video footage of the segment. If you do nothing more with all today's links check out this 14 minutes of video footage.

It's important to note that food manufacturers aren't trying to kill us - how much sense would that make? They are however aiming to keep us coming back for more and more of their food.

It's also important to realize that the bottom line of food manufacturers is THEIR bottom line and if making your bottom bigger is what it takes to make a profit - well, you can figure out where that one goes.

Lastly it's important to realize that the labels put on processed food are NOT designed to guide you toward healthier life. They are designed solely to entice you to buy and consume. "Junk Health Food" is just junk food dressed up for Halloween.

My challenge for you is to think about what you eat. What foods are sitting in your pantry and fridge? How many could actually pass for totally unprocessed foods? On a daily basis how many foods do you eat that do not require a food label? Observe your response to what you eat today and see how satisfied your food leaves you. How many hours pass before you want to eat again?

Tons of food for thought today but no worries - it's calorie free - honest - no label required.


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