Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Ending Food Cravings

Yesterday I put up links concerning processed foods and how they are designed to make us want to eat more and more of them. Well what if you still have food cravings or just cravings to eat and you aren't eating any processed foods?

First off I have to say that I've experienced both food cravings AND that "I want to eat but don't know what I'm hungry for but I really want to eat right now." feeling in the past. When the first hit it would usually be a craving for something sweet. In the case of the second, I would not be hungry but would still feel like I needed to eat. Often both were tied to poor sleep habits. When I improved my sleep habits the cravings fell away.

If you follow THIS LINK you'll be able to read a brief blog post by Dr. Joel Fuhrman. He believes that with nutritional excellence we can not only irradicate cravings but also most if not all disease. Sound a little far fetched? Well, I can only tell you that he has people who follow his eating prescription who have made amazing health changes. I'll be reviewing at least one if not more of his books soon. I've had personal experience with his way of eating and while it wasn't the be all, end all for me, it did substantially lower my inflammation levels. To this day I continue using the concepts that work for me.

Follow THIS LINK and you'll find a brief article surrounding the idea of hormone inbalance fueling food cravings.

It's all food for thought but in the end, using my own personal experience I'd tell you to look at your sleep - or lack of sleep - patterns and also your hydration status before you start looking at hormones or supplements. Sometimes the cause of our misery is hiding in plain sight.

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