Monday, December 31, 2012

Meet Fionna and Fionn

I'm sorry that I have fallen off my normal post a day schedule. It's been for good reason. First off all I've been on vacation and enjoyed actually being truly "off" of everything for a few days.

Secondly and most importantly we finished our Connemara Terrier family with the addition of two puppies, Fionna and Fionn.

I've been trying to take some pictures but have mostly just enjoyed getting to know them and watching Hutch and Reilly get to know them.

Fionna is much tinier than these pictures would have you believe. She will be smooth coated and bigger boned like Hutch.

She's already showing signs of being like him in her love of running and being chased. They were just having a bout of you chase me and then I'll chase you a few minutes ago.

Sheila said she was the smartest pup of the litter and we are believing it! When her first attempt at winning Hutch over didn't work she totally changed her approach and darn if she didn't figure him out and win him over.  She's still working on Reilly, who is a tougher sell. It's been fun watching her change how she approaches him. When one approach doesn't work she moves onto the next. She's got him to the point where he rarely barks or growls at her and is happy to follow her around watching her antics.

And here you have Fionn (pronounced Finn). He often ends up being called Fionn MacCool - simply because it fits. Fionn is from a different litter than Fionna and is about 8 days younger than her.

When you first watch Fionn interact with his environment he appears to be totally laid back but it's a bit of an illusion.

Fionn is crazy like a fox. He'll take the path of least resistance if it will get him what he wants.

He's been working on his relationship with Hutch and Reilly too but is willing to let Fionna forge a path if it's going to be an easier means to an end.

Fionn will be rough coated like Reilly. We didn't plan on having two pups with two complimentary coats. It just worked out that way. At first glance this entire 4 dog thing may look as though it wasn't well thought out. Rest assured it was.

Oh and Starsky? He's very present and has been watching the interaction between grown dogs and pups. He's had a few interactions with the pups - all friendly and tolerant. The fun will begin when he decides to insert himself into the games - and he will but on his own schedule.

For now I have to go. Hutch has just instigated a game of chase and both pups and Reilly have joined in and this is just too darn good to miss!

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