Friday, December 14, 2012

Metabolic Syndrome, Menopause, and the Metabolic Bump

I have a family history of Metabolic Syndrome. At one point in my life my cholesterol, blood pressure and blood sugar were all higher than they should have been. Not scary life threateningly high but high enough to damage my body if left in that range.

I've been able to control those numbers with diet and exercise for about 20 years - until I hit a certain age. At that point it felt like the hill got steeper, the fight because tougher, what was simple became more complicated. Sound familiar anyone?

I tried to find a really good article to link to and there isn't really much out there. This brief article sums it up. For years, we women have known that the playing field seems to change as our hormones change. There are finally some studies being done to find out exactly why this is. If you like lengthy and technical THIS PDF is packed with info.

Metabolic Syndrome can successfully be treated with lifestyle change. I'm living proof. I believe that post menopausal Metabolic Syndrome can be treated as successfully as it is when we're younger. I just think we have to be smarter, and more committed as we age. That's because there seems to be - and I speak only from experience here - a kind of inertia - a metabolic bump if you will - that we need to overcome before we see the changes that herald improved metabolic function.

That bump seems to be there for those who are overweight and have Metabolic Syndrome. It seems to be a bigger bump for post menopausal women - or maybe it only feels that way. :) HMMM maybe we're trading baby bumps for metabolic bumps.

Up next: Some ideas on what we can do to make the bump easier to climb up and over.


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