Saturday, December 22, 2012

Random Acts of Kindness

You've probably already seen this article.

I wanted to make note of the fact that being kind to others is the gift that gives back to us in amazing ways. It can be as simple as being courteous in a holiday shopping sale packed store or pulling a cart out and giving it to the person behind you before you take your own cart. Or making small talk with the person in front or behind you in a long holiday line. Or sincerely thanking the check out clerk and wishing them a happy holiday. This also acts as a simple but beneficial stress reliever for both you and the person you interact with.

We're social beings and are meant to interact socially but it seems that our society is increasingly set up to avoid that rather than promote it. That doesn't mean however that we can't buck the trend and interact with our fellow Earthlings. :)

Your challenge today is to do a RAOK and interact with another Earthling. You might start with the members of your own household.  It will elevate the entire feel of the household and flush your space with the most pure feel good vibes you've ever experienced.

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