Sunday, December 2, 2012

Stringing Goals Together Creates Consistency

In the past I've often said that the only magic exercise bullet is being consistent. By that I mean that without consistency you can have the best exercise program in the world and you won't see any results, health or aesthetic.

One way to become consistent is never let a goal lapse. In a little while I'll do my daily workout, which will be T-Tapp Healthy Hormones. I will at the same time finish a 14 day bootcamp. Finishing a bootcamp or any exercise plan puts you at risk for falling off the wagon UNLESS you already have a goal and a plan for where you're headed next.

Teresa Tapp has helped with that by suggesting that we switch to an every other day T-Tapp schedule post bootcamp and I plan follow her advice. The variable in this is what workout I'll use and what I'll give myself the option to do on the days when I'm not T-Tapping.

I'm a home exercise geek so the very thought of putting together that kind of plan gets me excited. Excited to make up the plan and excited to begin what I plan to do. So before I actually do that last bootcamp workout I'm going to spend a few enjoyable minutes fine tuning my next goal and the action plan that goes with it.

My challenge to you is to think back to a time when you were doing well with exercise and maybe fell off the wagon. What was going on in your life around that time? Did you finish one goal without having another goal to begin working on? If not try to figure out what happened.

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