Saturday, December 1, 2012

T-Tapp: Healthy Hormones Menopause Management

I experienced this DVD for the first time early last week and immediately decided to use it to extend my bootcamp to 14 days. As usual Teresa delivers more than she promises. The workout is sequenced to "help your body increase energy, decrease inflammation improve metabolic and lymphatic function, as well as thyroid and adrenal health." (directly from the T-Tapp brochure)

You might wonder how much "exercise" a DVD can deliver in 27 minutes. You will be shocked and amazed once you give T-Tapp a try. You can find pictures of this workout in the book The Menopause Thyroid Solution by Mary Shoman.

I consider the DVD a real bargain because it contains an Instructional workout (41 minutes), a straight through workout (27 minutes) and form tips. You can also access the individual movements of either the instructional or straight through workout. Instructional workouts are usually just that - instructional and therefore not to be used once you have the movements down pat. I consider this instructional to be different. I can see myself using this one any time I want to perform this workout but really get more deeply into the movements. I also value the fact that throughout the instructional and form pointers Teresa is explaining why she has you doing certain movements that otherwise might seem less important than they really are.

This workout is designed to increase muscle activation and it delivers what it promises. There are no fluff moves in this or actually in any T-Tapp workouts. There is an innovative towel sequence for the upper body but of course it doesn't just work the upper body but tweaks other aspects of the workout increasing overall muscle activation.

The concept of Jazz toes increases muscle activation from the bottom up. I'm a huge proponent of keeping our feet supple and strong as we age. Our feet are - after all - the base of our posture and balance - our foundation if you will. I can feel that my feet are responding to this workout and I appreciate that since I have pretty darn strong feet!

This workout also has you assume T-Tapp stance in a slightly different way by using the concept of "ribs up" and "Mitten hands." Again, both increase muscle activation and you will feel it! Increased muscle activation will translate into increase glucose utilization, increased calorie burn and most importantly to those with challenged metabolism increased insulin sensitivity. (I'll write more about that at some point in the future.)

Today will be the 6th day in a row that I've performed this workout and I can feel my body responding to the movements and muscle work. BUT, my body doesn't feel drained or taxed. This tells me that despite working my body deeply and thoroughly this workout isn't adding to my inflammation level. The lymphatic pump it supplies is, in part, responsible for that.

I could go on and on about the intricacies of this workout. There is so much more than meets the eye or the muscles for that matter. This review however is already longer than is probably sensible so I'll leave it as is for now.

This DVD can be purchased HERE.



Anonymous said...

Does either this DVD or the other you mention provide specific instructions for the Lift Ribs, Set Abs exercise? If not, can you recommend a DVD that does show the exercise? I do not remember ever having seen it done by an instructor in person.
Thank you for your help and inspiration.

Gloria at

Lannette Madden said...

Yes, this DVD does have you lift your ribs and hold them high. I over did it and took it to a rib thrust and it wasn't a good thing for me so be sure you're simply lifting and not thrusting.