Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The PCOS and Metabolic Syndrome Connection

This article contains a quick succinct description of Metabolic Syndrome while discussing Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. You can scroll down to read it. If you want more info on Metabolic Syndrome you can reference the link in THIS previous blog post on the subject.

You'll note both Metabolic Syndrome and PCOS are titled as "syndromes."  A Syndrome is considered a condition which is consistently seen with an associated group of symptoms.

Metabolic Syndrome can be easily overlooked because many of the "symptoms" can be treated with medication and brought down to normal levels. This includes high blood pressure, and high cholesterol. It's important to bring these numbers to norm or near norm for risk reduction BUT I do wonder if doing so does anything to quiet the inflammation that is driving the Metabolic Syndrome to begin with. After all, these drugs don't work primarily through the lowering of inflammation. Also they don't reverse the increase to abdominal size that is the most visible sign of the syndrome.

My thoughts, as always center around the natural treatment for Metabolic Syndrome. Healthy Eating for an anti-inflammatory effect, exercise that won't further drive inflammation and stress reduction. Please note I'm talking about stress reduction known to have a physical effect on the body rather than throwing a stress ball at the problem. More about that later.

My challenge to you today is to check out the article and the previous one as well if you're so inclined and note whether or not you fit the pattern.

Next up a very serious complication of Metabolic Syndrome (as if PCOS isn't serious enough) that I believe shows just how damaging this syndrome is to our health and our bodies.

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