Monday, December 3, 2012

The Science of Massage Therapy, Healthy Eating and Exercise as Medicine

This link will take you to an interview with Dr. Andrew Weil. In the interview Weil talks about the science of massage therapy and also about other CAM (Complimentary and Alternative Medicine).

I was happy to see that he at least mentioned the concept of an antiiflammatory diet and not particularly surprised that he didn't mention the connection between exercise and inflammation.

I've just finished a bootcamp the second half of which used T-Tapp Healthy Hormones for Menopause Management. There is a lot going on in this workout but one of the things I value and which will bring me back to it over and over is the fact that it's antiinflammitory in nature. I'm still figuring that one out. I most definitely felt the workout and I could tell it was strengthening my body in specific ways, I even had muscle awareness building from day to day but no inflammation to note. I believe that the kickouts and other what I think of as "resetting" movements like mitten hand/jazz hand swings help sooth the muscles that are being worked. The lymphatic pump it provides also helps. As always with T-Tapp, it's a synergistic sum total that isn't easy to pull apart since one thing builds upon the others. I couldn't resist mentioning it because I consider healthy eating, sane rehabilitative exercise, and stress reduction techniques to be some of the strongest "medicine" we have in our arsenal.

My challenge to you today is to look at your lifestyle. Does it support and act like a framework for your goals? If not, what might you change to make that happen?


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