Sunday, January 27, 2013

So you think T-Tapp is Boring?

 "I tried T-Tapp and had good results at first but then my results slowed and I never seemed to lose additional inches." OR "I tried T-Tapp and had good results but it got to be sooooo boring!"

I hear these statements or read them on various fitness boards quite often.

T-Tapp as a health and fitness practice delivers a ton of benefits. In return it also asks more of participants than many more traditional fitness practices.

That said, it's possible to simply show up and do a T-Tapp workout and get benefits. That's what was mostly likely happening in the first quote above. WAIT! Before you get all prickly and say, "I was doing more than just showing up for my workouts!" - let me explain my second point.

In the second example it could be that the Novelty of T-Tapp wore off. Whenever something is new there is a sense of novelty and expectation that surrounds it. Workouts are no different. When a workout is new - especially when that workout is totally different than anything we've done before - we tend to pay more attention to what we're doing. Once the Novelty wears off.....not so much. When we return to it a second time there is no sense of novelty and hence our concentration - even though we don't realize it - is not as intense.

Novelty helps assure that you're doing more than just showing up for your workouts. It also helps beat back a sense of boredom or at least makes it worth doing the workout even if you do secretly find it a bit boring.

So what can you do to keep changes coming and push away boredom? Show up but be present. By being present: instead of simply repeating the movements with Teresa take the time to really stop and feel what those movements feel like in your body.

Listen to Teresa and her form tips, take them to heart and feel how your body responds. Which areas rebel, which areas respond, which areas tire first and which areas are stronger than when you first started.

Get yourself a thin door mirror. I like door mirrors because they are harder to become totally dependent upon than a full body mirror. Check your form from the front and the sides - both sides because one will undoubtedly be different than the other.

Now you're using your brain! This is the mind/body connection of T-Tapp and I can't begin to tell you how good it is for your brain but it's just as good for your spirit.

Finally - don't expect to work out this deeply day after day after day. This is where I see people build up a huge dread factor and end up falling off their program. This level of deep concentration and responsiveness isn't sustainable on a daily basis for longer than a bootcamp. But get this - daily T-Tapp beyond a bootcamp isn't necessary. The results will come as long as you show up, be present and use your brain every other day or even every third day. On alternate days you can walk or do other cardio. Remember that T-Tapp works from the inside out. Your body needs time away from T-Tapp to process your previous workout.

Yes, less really can be more.


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