Thursday, January 10, 2013

Eat To Live: Revised Edition, Ebook

This review refers to the updated Kindle Version of Eat to Live . I had a copy of the original book and either lost or loaned it out because I can't find it. Therefore any differences between the original and updated books that I note are from memory not direct comparison.

There are several recipes in the book that are updated. The two most immediately recognizable to me were the "Chocolate Smoothie" and the Anti "Cancer Soup" because both recipes remain favorites of mine. I don't remember the chocolate green smoothie being in the old book. I do remember the smoothie recipe I linked to from his website. I make a variation on it. It's my favorite green smoothie because it gives me a hit of cocoa.

The soup recipe used to have you just put the whole veggies into the juice but now he mentions chopping them. I love the convenience of making a big pot of creamy veggie soup flavored with split peas and not having to do more than clean and cut  the veggies minimally because I pureed the soup in my vitamix after it's been cooked.

The updated book also seems to have more success stories and pictures with the stories. Missing are some processed foods - like butter buds - that I remember from the original.

The charts from the book don't translate well in my Kindle Version but I am reading it on an app rather than a real kindle so perhaps that's why.

Dr. Fuhrman's diet consists of non- processed, nutrient rich food and is very very strict but if you can follow it, the diet works. The success stories speak for themselves. Back when I attempted to follow it verbatim I found that the arthritic pain in my fingers completely disappeared and my one pretty swollen misshapen finger joint went back to normal. My fingers have remained pain free as long as I continue to eat plenty of greens on a daily basis. (According to Dr. Fuhrman greens are anti-inflammatory.) This is especially impressive when you realize that I'm a massage therapist who has no pain in those joints that used to ache so very badly.

Long term being a vegan left me exhausted and with a borderline low B12 level despite supplementing. Hindsight, I think there were some other reasons (including not completely kicking caffeine to the curb) for my constant hunger, while following the plan. I also gained weight.
It ends up that by adding a small amount of  animal protein I seem to do a whole lot better.

To his credit Dr. Fuhrman realizes that not everyone is going to want to forgo all animal products and gives those who do not a plan.

The basic template of his plan is quite simple and the recipes I've tried - most of them - are great. I really never eat processed food and eat very little salt and so I don't mind the lack of salt in his recipes. Someone who is wedded to processed or fast food is going to have to go through a taste bud realignment in order to get to a place where they find Nutrient Density palatable.

This book gives a great explanation of what nutritional excellence looks like and how to achieve it. The book also adddresses the benefits of nutritional excellence in a way that is easy to understand.
I highly recommend the book!


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