Sunday, January 6, 2013

Fantastic Place to get Pet Food!

We just received our first delivery of pet food from PETFLOW. Their service was suggested to us by our breeder. I ordered Orijen food for the pups on Sheila's recommendation. We make Hutch and Reilly's food from scratch and we'll eventually put Fionna and Fionn on the same raw diet but the Orijen kibble is packed with great stuff. We decided to give Starsky a try on the Orijen for cats kibble.

So back to why petflow is so great. I ordered on New Year's eve and our order was still delivered by January 2nd! Plus if you order $49.00 worth of products their lightening fast shipping is free.

We're going to set up an ordering schedule and have all our pet kibble and kitty liter delivered. No more lugging huge bags or waiting for the specialty pet food we prefer to arrive once we special order it.

I also just had to order one of their "Spoiled Rotten" pet gift boxes. It contains $40.00 worth of products and treats for $24.99. They arrive monthly and I'm not sure we can take advantage of that frequent a delivery but you can cancel at any time so I thought I'd give it a go and see.

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