Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Healthy Exercise IS Medicine!

Exercise designed to realign the body is as powerful as medication. I'm not talking about exercise meant to beat the body into submission but exercise designed to rejuvenate the body and in essence turn back the clock.

Our body was designed to move and when we limit our movement or even when we use less than full range of motion on a regular basis we starve our joints. Our joints don't have a pump like the heart to pump synovial fluid. Movement works as a pump bathing the joins in synovial fluid, the life blood that nourishes the inner joint surfaces. Less movement or achieving movement with less than full range of motion means that the synovial fluid isn't pumped as efficiently, which means that the joint isn't as well nourished.

Pretty much the same could be said about lymph and our lymphatic system. The contraction of muscles during movement pumps lymph through out body.

We all know that exercise that increases our heart rate and breathing pumps blood and moves air in and out of our lungs but we seldom think about lymph and synovial fluid.

The body will always attempt to bring itself back into balance - homeostasis. Rehabilitative exercise helps the body reach a more balanced state. Team up massage therapy with rehabilitative exercise and you get even faster results through synergy.

The amazing thing is that exercise and massage therapy do no heal the body. They simply allow the body to heal itself. Add nutrient packed eating to the mix and you'll have trouble finding something more powerful and health giving.

My challenge to you is to think about how well the movement you do daily and the foods you eat support your body and help it maintain balance.


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