Tuesday, January 29, 2013

T-Tapp Senior Fit: A review

This DVD really impressed me for the bargain that it represents. If you liked Healthy Hormones, Menopause Management, you'll love this one!

It contains three workouts plus an Instructional. The first workout is called Warm-up Workout. It's only 16 minutes, done on the floor and feels wonderful. I did it on a night when I was feeling tight and my low back was feeling stiff. It loosened up my low back and relaxed me. This would be great before bed, first thing in the morning to get moving or when you're feeling stressed. Yum!

Next is the Level 1 Instruction. It's different to other instructionals in that it only covered PBS, Plies, Jazz Twist, Scare Crow Ski, and Hoe downs. You can do the entire segment or choose an individual movement to work on. I appreciate this because I don't always have the time to do a full instructional but I like to choose a movement and work on perfecting it. You might say, "Hey, you're a trainer. Shouldn't you have perfect form already?" In answer I'd say that form isn't static, It changes with changes in our body. My very best form today might be different than my form was a week ago or will be a month from now depending upon what is going on in my life or my body.
I honestly feel that this segment will help anyone improve their understanding of form and their own form in any of the T-Tapp dvds. Teresa talks about the "path of least resistance." I often say that the body is like water, it will take the path of least resistance and this is why postural distortion will only deepen over time if we don't address it. She shows us the most common mistakes and how to avoid them and likens them to the body taking the path of least resistance.

Level 1 Workout is up next. It's available as a straight through or again as individual movements. It's an hour and 7 minutes long and feels very clinic-like to me. I did this workout Sunday and WOW! There were so many light bulbs going off in my head I don't know where to begin. This is in my opinion one of the best workouts Teresa has put together to date. The muscle activation tweeks it contains are genious and really work! I'm basing this on my body's response.

I've had a vertebra slightly off kilter. It just wasn't giving up. I had a massage on Saturday and it felt looser but not totally realigned. During this workout I felt the movements rebalancing my spine and then suddenly I felt and heard snap, snap, snap and my neck and upper back popped into place. SWEET! At the end of my workout my left hip (again prone to going out since a decent fall down a stairway last year) felt like it wanted to crack. I just went about my business and sure enough within 15 minutes of finishing the workout it too popped back into place.

The movements are done slowly enough and where necessary repeated enough times to pull the body  back into alignment. The workout looks deceptively simple but it's very effective. My core became very warm, my T-shirt wet, my bra drenched and it was only the first time I attempted it.

I bet there will be some question as to whether or not this is a full body workout. I can only say that my lower body was whipped from holding my form. Actually there wasn't an area that wasn't whipped. I ended up taking a nice detox soak post workout and really appreciated it!

The final workout is Tempo (4) Workout and runs almost 48 minutes. I haven't done this one and won't for a while because I want to work on the Level 1 workout and Health Hormones MM in order to have a rock solid understanding of this new form and the movements before I do a straight through workout without form reminders. I'll come back and update this review once I try this workout and add to my comments. I did actually try this but forgot to link to my review. You can find it HERE.

I'll also post more about the new form elements and why I am so amazed my them. They are simple and yet achieve so much where muscle activation is concerned.

On the face of it you might think that this is much easier than previous workouts but you would be wrong. I find the muscle activation to be vastly superior. In case you didn't figure it out already I'll tell you that I definitely give this DVD 2 thumbs up! You can purchase it HERE.


Blackbird said...

Did you ever try the Tempo version of this workout?

Lannette Madden said...

Yes, I did. I posted a review here http://qbserendipity.blogspot.com/2013/02/senior-fit-tempo-4.html but I guess I didn't link to it from my review. I'll fix that now. Lannette