Saturday, January 19, 2013

The End of Diabetes

"The End of Diabetes" written by Joel Fuhrman, MD is available both hardcover and kindle editions.
I'm reviewing the hardcover edition.

This is a great book! It's packed full of useful information that is backed up by major studies. There are about 19 pages of notes/citations at the back of the book.

Dr. Fuhrman doesn't treat diabetes. He helps his patients eradicate diabetes and heart disease. Rather than knives and medications Dr. Fuhrman and his patients use food and exercise. Reading the  description makes it sound as though the diet would be way too strict for most people to follow.  Once I started preparing recipes I began to think otherwise.

There are about 50 recipes in the book and while I haven't tried them all I have sampled a good number of them. There wasn't a recipe that wasn't easily prepared and really tasty. I don't eat processed foods and I don't eat salt so salt-free wasn't a stretch for me. But get this! My - for the most part veggie hating - DH tasted everything I've thus far prepared and enjoyed it all! As I said previously, I'm no stranger to Dr. Fuhrman's way of eating. I've been making his Anticancer Soup for years. I blenderize it and DH sucks it right up despite his dislike of veggies. Please note that many of the recipes are simplified if you use a vitamix or other powerful blender.

There are also very impressive case studies. There are no before and after pictures but I believe you can find those on his website.

The part I liked the very best was Chapter 9; The Six Steps to Achieving Our Health Goals. In this chapter Dr. Fuhrman helps you make a plan designed to stack the deck in favor of success where his lifestyle change plan is concerned. He doesn't promise you a rose garden. He tells you that it will take time to retrain your taste buds and that you will probably have some food cravings in the beginning. He also outlines the benefits of healthy lifestyle and gives you hope.

Despite the title, I really believe that anyone, diabetic or not, could benefit from the nutritional information this book provides. I highly recommend it.

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