Sunday, February 10, 2013

A Frozen Treat That's Part of Healthy Eating?

I think this appliance has been around for a while but I'm just getting on board with it. It's called Yonanas and it rocks! Long story short, it turns frozen fruit into a soft serve textured treat. YUM!

The machine is also available in a Deluxe version for $10.00 more. The extras are a Popsicle set and a Tupperware type container. I opted to get the regular version and I'm perfectly happy with it.

There's also another recipe book available and I won't even link to it because the reviews are that poor. This is mostly because it's an expensive book with few recipes. I feel that the booklet that came with it gives me a good enough idea of what's possible to make up my own recipes. I want to purchase a few extra ice cube trays to freeze almond milk and coconut milk to try to add variety to our frozen treats.

The machine Valentine's gift from me to all of us but once it arrived I just had to use it to make a sweet treat for my sweet - and me too. I'm a vegetable lover and would take a good salad over a Sundae any day - one of many oddities about me. For me getting enough fruit in each day can be stretch. I always get my first two servings in my green smoothie but after that it's a crap shoot. I really enjoy having a fruity frozen treat so this is a win win.

There are two things that shine about this machine. First, everyone can have whatever type of fruit treat that they want because it feeds the treat right into the bowl. So last night DH had strawberry with a little banana and I had banana and mango. The second thing I love is clean up. It really is as easy as it appears in the video. It's dishwasher safe but honestly a little dish soap and a sponge, rinse in hot water and rack dry works just as well.

I wanted to address some of the negatives that you read in the reviews.
- motor broke  - I wonder if this was an auto shut off for over heating. You are instructed to allow frozen fruit to sit out prior to using it. I can definitely see where not doing so would strain the motor.

- Hard to clean - Not sure what to think about this. I find the opposite, in fact it's so easy to clean I tend to clean it before serving up the treats I've been making.

- Frozen treat is stuck in the machine - Yes, there will be residual treat in the grinding area of the machine when you finish. I just take the machine apart (takes seconds) and scoop it out. Then I do a quick wash up of the parts and I'm good to go.

- Doesn't taste good - If you are addicted to artificial sweetners, sweetened beverages (corn syrup or diet alike) or sweetened processed foods then NO these naturally sweet treats aren't going to taste sweet to you. You could add corn syrup or honey or some other sweetener but honestly that's just feeding your toxic hunger.

At the end of the day I'm super pleased that we have a treat that's actually good for us versus choosing one that probably won't kill us - at least not right away. :)

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