Monday, February 18, 2013

Quick and Easy Facial

Thoroughly cleanse face
Put about 2 tbs of dead sea salt into your palm
Drop 1 dropper (5-10 drops) Jojoba  or other facial oil onto salt
drop 3 drops chamomile oil onto salt
drop 2-3 drops of pure water onto salt (I like water into which cell food has been added)
Blend salt mixture
Apply to clean face massaging to stimulate blood flow and to exfoliate
moisten hands with water and aply to fae to melt remaining salt crystals
Allow remaining mixture to dry on face
Rinse well - some oil will remain and moisturize skin
May apply regular night creams over remaining oil

Note: Don't scrub your face with the salt as if trying to take off a layer of skin. Use gentle pressure and circular motions.

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