Saturday, February 23, 2013

Senior Fit Tempo 4

I briefly mentioned this workout when I reviewed Senior Fit. At that point I hadn't even tried the Tempo 4 workout contained on the DVD. I wanted to settle into the form pointers first. I also expected the rhythm to be fast enough that I'd have trouble maintaining those new form pointers.

After trying the workout I was surprised but not disappointed. The tempo is not so fast as to throw form off. The workout is shorter - about 48 minutes - but I consider it to be a solid workout that I'm benefiting from using.

With my workout sessions limited to 30-50 minutes in the early morning and 15-30 in the evening this workout has definitely been one of my go to workouts. It increases my heart rate though not through the roof. What I like best is the way it heats up my core. I literally begin to feel warm through the entire band of my core muscles by the mid-point of the workout. The sensation grows through the end of the workout and my core tends to stay warm for at least an hour after I finish, even after my shower. I take this as proof that my metabolism is revving.

After abundantly sampling the workouts on the Senior Fit DVD I can honestly say I consider the DVD to be a bargain for the price.

Before I close I want to talk about the water breaks that the newer DVDs contain. I know that some may be put off by them  because at first they seem to break the flow of the workout. I embrace them for what they allow me to achieve. Taking those very short water breaks gives me a chance to reset my head and my form and I think get more deeply into the movements.

There's another aspect of them that occurred to me recently mid-workout. During the workout movements you're contracting muscles isometrically, often holding those contractions for a long time. The water break allows blood and lymph time to flush through the areas you were holding. This flushes out the old and allow fresh oxygenated blood to rush into those areas. I would think that this action repeated again and again would also help to decrease or at least minimize any inflammatory build from the exercises. I value that and believe it's why I'm not seeing any inflammatory response to my workouts unlike other workouts I've attempted.

For me workouts are more than a vehicle to buff. They're a vehicle to better long term health and a balanced body. Now if a little buff happens down the line.......well who am I to complain. heh heh heh You can purchase the DVD HERE.

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