Thursday, February 7, 2013

Senior Fit: Warm-Up Workout - so much more than meets the eye

I know I already described this workout in a previous post.  I decided to talk about it again because I'm finding it to be so versatile. It's billed as a warm-up for the Senior Fit workout but honestly, it's so much more.

Decided to add a bit of an explanation concerning how I believe this workout warm-up works to quiet back and even hip pain.

When you're doing this segment pay close attention to the cues. Specifically do not ignore the cues to press into the floor and cues to straighten arms.

Musculoskeletally generated pain is tricky and over time it sets up postural imbalance. When Teresa has us push into the floor we activate muscle. That's good but even better the muscles we activate help to reflexively quiet the most common pain generating muscles. When we straighten the arms we're creating a kind of hammock that stretches the back body and again realigns the areas that we just physically and reflexively loosened.

Musculoskeletally generated pain rarely, if ever is totally balanced in nature. The careful positioning in this segment helps put your body back into alignment and that alone is good for some pain reduction for most people.

This workout also teaches you and your body proper form and alignment. You will then, over time, translate this new felt knowledge into your standing workout and this is going to cement the positive changes you are experiencing. It's truly win win.

Traditional cardio and weight training can actually encourage our natural tendency to  be misaligned. I believe that this sweet little segment can reverse that before it turns into something ugly and painful.

- It can be used as a mobility prelude to running, walking or any other cardio workout.

- It's great for the morning after a strenous workout, basketball game, ski session or any other sport or activity that's left your muscles sore and stiff.

- If you've had a stressful day it's the perfect transition from work to home. Need a good night's sleep? Do this workout prior to bedtime.

- Spend the day on airplanes and in airports and land in a new time zone? Yep, this one would be great before bed and/or first thing in the morning.

- Feel a cold coming on? You've got it!

Simply put, the sequential movements are appropriate to wind up or wind down your day.


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