Sunday, February 17, 2013

T-Tapp Challenge Update

This post was supposed to have gone out yesterday but due to technical difficulties it didn't happen - so here it is.

I am officially loving this challenge! It started with a 14 day (2 week) boot camp and I've changed up the emphasis every 2-weeks since. I've had the challenge of two young puppies which has limited my workout time. This has been a positive though because it's held me to a "less is more" philosophy when I might have over done.

Over doing increases my inflammation levels, which is not cool. Less is more is way cool and leaves me feeling wonderful! thank you so much for your wisdom Teresa!

I plan to review the DVDs I've used as I changed up my emphasis. It may take some time because life is busy and reviews take more time than a regular post.

Just today two people asked me if I was losing weight. One said my lower body looked thinner - this is amazing because I tend to be quite Rubinesque in the lower body.

I'm a combo bodytype so weight comes off equally and it doesn't look like much until the inch loss is up there. I think I've noticed subtle changes in my clothing but I've avoided measuring. I've been eating my fill of healthy food - no dieting here! Weight loss? It fluctuates between 4-6 pounds. Nothing major.

The best thing is how I feel - wonderful! My eyes no longer hurt - I tend to forget to use my moistening gel. That's not good beause they still look red but they feel sooooo much better! I'm off my prescription eye med and at this point am only using OTC eye moistening gel one to twice daily - usually once because like I said my eyes no longer hurt and I forget to use the gel.

I'm looking forward to each workout because I feel great when I finish. This two week stretch has me doing twice daily workouts. One day the AM workout is longer and the PM shorter. The next day it's the reverse.

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