Monday, February 25, 2013

T-Tapp: Step Away the Inches

This short little gem is comes in at less than 25 minutes but packs a punch. Teresa mentions weighted shoes during the workout and states that you don't necessarily need them for the workout to be effective and you should believe her!

This is a great in home "walking" workout for days when the weather or the ground surface is bad. I love to alternate doing this workout one day with Healthy Hormones or Senior Fit the next. It also works well to do Basic Workout Plus first and follow it up with Step Away the Inches.

I value the fact that this workout never leaves me feeling "beat up." Instead I feel refreshed and ready to tackle the day or the evening, depending upon when I do it. It's very easy to use the new form cues, such as ribs lifted, set lats during the workout.

It never fails to heat up my core to the point where I perspire lightly. I wouldn't characterize it as a "killer workout" and yet we have to remember that "results" whether we're looking for improved health and/or aesthics don't happen and then stay around long term because we're half killing ourselves. I consider this workout one of my "honor my body" workouts.



Kostoula Christina Daniilidi said...

I love it too Lannette! It's my only cardio during pregnancy. I sent you a friend request on FB, and posted about my results using T-tapp on VF! Thanks for your great tips, we share a strong workout preference! Much love, Cristinalatina

Lannette Madden said...

Hi Christina! I actually saw your wonderful results on VF. You are beautiful!

Congratulations and thank you for taking the time to comment on my blog. I'll approve your friend request.

I'd love to put your success story on this blog if you're game. If not no concern. You can reach me at facebook or by clicking on the contact are at my website at