Sunday, March 3, 2013

Breaking Up is Hard To Do

I'm talking about breaking up with STUFF! DH and I decided to downsize and I had to be honest with myself. I've been talking about "simplifying," "downsizing," "getting organized," etc. for a very long time. But, if I'm honest, it was mostly talk.

To a large degree, I've decreased aquisition of "things." Yet, I've -for the most part- simply reorganized and stored so many things that I already own. So many of those things are tied to memories and emotions and that's what makes it so hard let them go. Even the thought that someone else might enjoy them doesn't always -depending upon the strength of emotion- make it easier to let them go.

Yet, I know I need to let go and learn to live with less and so slowly but surely that's what I'm doing. It's important that we all do this. Not sure why that might be? Check out THIS website or at least watch the video below. My challenge to you is to identify whether or not you are a victim of planned obsolescence?  Join me and choose QUALITY TIME over DISPOSIBLE THINGS!


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