Friday, March 8, 2013

Diet Soda - It's not what you thought it was
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It turns out that instead of calling it "Diet Soda" we should be calling it "Diet Soda." I honestly don't think we needed a study to figure it out. Back when diet soda made it's debut it was going to help us all lose weight by cutting calories yet if we look around we can see that it hasn't happened.

This brief article from Diabetes Forecast covers the study succinctly.

Researchers are not really sure why. To me it's just another sign that living better through chemistry is not the answer to a  long, healthy life.

Manufacturers convince us that we need these chemical laden foods to make our lives better, easier, more fulfilled. Don't you believe 'em. I had a friend lament that fact that other beverages were so much more expensive. My reply? "How about water?" Yeah, it's not as exciting - unless you believe the manufacturers and buy the trendy bottled stuff.

Tomorrow I'll share some ways to "spice" up plain water without breaking the bank and talk about why you may not need to drink as much as you think you do.

Until then, BOTTOMS UP - make mine water!


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