Sunday, March 10, 2013

Lessons In Impermanence: Thoughts on letting go
I'm still here valiently making an effort to decrease the number of items I own. It's not easy and there is a lot of emotion connected to many of the things I've repeatedly tried without success to let go.

THIS article and the comments that follow it helped me to see that it isn't necessary to let something go if my emotional attachment is strong enough - especially if I can still make use of the item. The article is on Tiny houses came upon my radar when I began the search for some kind of a vacation vehicle - be it a campervan or a teardrop camper. I'll talk more about that search in a future post. For now let me get back on track.

The best thing about discovering tiny houses is that it's made our humble cabin feel like a mansion by comparison. I've also picked up a lot of great downsizing and space conserving tips. In fact, I'm so glad that we ended up not doing our proposed kitchen remodel last fall because I've done a total 360 and believe we're going to be soooo much happier with the kitchen we are now planning.

Our initial plans were really about trying to make a very small kitchen into a big one. You and I both know you can't do that. Our new plans are about accepting and embracing our kitchen as it is, at the size that it is and making it the best darn little kitchen ever. There is a  lesson in that that flows far beyond the kitchen. :)


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