Monday, March 25, 2013

Radiance: Loving the Space You're In

Each time I arrive at our massage office I am a little stunned at how much I absolutely love being in our space. It's so calm and inviting and it just feels good to sit there and soak up the atmosphere.

We filled it with special things, some new and many old and many that were gifts. I've written about the wonderful piece of art I have in the bathroom - strange place for art you say? There's a good reason.

This past weekend my attention fell to three photos we have in the massage space proper. The picture I've added is of those three photos. They were given to me by a dear friend. His partner took a photo I had taken of our lupines and transformed it into what looks like a water color. They also gifted me with two additional photos he had transformed. I never tired of looking at those photos. There's a little bee in the one picture.

Not sure if he'll see this but I wanted to share how much these pictures are a source of Radiance in my life.

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