Thursday, March 21, 2013

T-Tapp 60 Day Challenge: Downsize your exercise routine & downsize your menopot

Yesterday was the first day of spring and the last day of the 60 day challenge. Having the challenge end on a Wednesday makes it a challenge to get those final pictures taken! Last time I waited too long and couldn't get the required paper for the picture. This time I was more together.

So pictures and measurements were taken and all sent into T-Tapp. I ended up staying up too late, which is something I try to avoid but I think it was worth it. I won't share any pictures because I'm funny about Internet pictures these days and I'm also not sure if that would be OK being as I submitted them to T-Tapp. Let me say that I'm happy with them. I usually hate pictures of myself but I'm either mellowing or it's just that it's so nice to see real progress. Pretty amazed at the difference given the fact that I did so little exercise and ate so much healthy food. Less is my new more.

I lost over 7" distributed pretty evenly - remember I'm a combo body type. The biggest difference I see is in the old menopot - waist to thigh area. The pictures don't quite show it because my top was pulled over my front rib area which has become quite tight. My posture has improved - can you say, T-Tapp trainer heal thyself??! I thought I was smiling in the before shots. It was an effort because my eyes hurt. In the after shots no effort at all.

I can see a huge difference in my eyes, which are my inflammation barometer. They aren't perfect, this morning for instance, I need to use my over the couter drops because they feel dry - lack of sleep = inflammation = drier eyes.

So now what? I'm signing myself back up. I hope by continuing the same sane plan with slight variations every two weeks I'll continue to see positive change. I might sneak in a cross country ski session since we still have a lot of snow on the ground but the basis of the plan will be T-Tapp.

The entire concept of T-Tapp is to rebuild the body from the inside out. It's not just a workout it's more comprehensive. It unkinks the posture to improve digestion and assimilation and whole lot more but in a whole lot less time than other methods.

This 60 day challenge has brought that all home to me along with the idea that less really can be more when what you're doing is so powerful. It's nice to know that downsizing my exercise routine can help me downsize my menopot.

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