Sunday, March 17, 2013

T-Tapp Review: Step it to the Max, Core Cardio

I'm having a love affair with T-Tapp Stepping like I've never had before and lately this DVD tops my list. I did it just yesterday and I can't tell you how nice it is to come out of an in home walking workout feeling happy, calm throughly worked out and nicely sweated up. :) Seriously, my underclothing was soaked through and the house was cool when I started because I had neglected the wood stove while cooking.

This DVD is a more advanced version of the DVD Step Away the Inches, which I reviewed HERE. I also talked about it HERE and posted a clip so you can see a sample.

The other thing I value about Step it to the Max is that it's not a huge stretch from Step away the inches. It's slightly longer, the tempo is faster than Step Away the Inches and the Step Lift sequence is added.

The two DVDs together give the best of both worlds.

Step it to the max begins with a 4 minute spinal warm-up. This warm-up would be a great stretch break at work so I suggest you memorize it and put it to functional use in your work day.

The workout is about 30 minutes long. Not that much longer than Step Away the Inches but remember that with T-Tapp it's not about putting the time in. It's about putting your body in optimal alignment. It's time efficient. It's really simple to add in the new form cueing from Menopause Management and Senior Fit. That's going to make the workout even more effective - at least for me.

The workout takes you through a series of stepping and arm patterns and then culminates in the step lift sequence. Whew! It's a great sequence that demands a lot of attention to your form but it also delivers! If you really keep ribs up and lats set and reach away, away, away with your arms during this sequence you will get a total body workout and  muscle aware core and arms the next day.

That leads me to another thing I so totally value with this workout. You will most definitely feel what you've worked the next day but it will not be an, "I beat myself up." soreness. It's what I call muscle awareness. It's subtle but it signals real work was done and you need to respect that and not over do.
That's why I love the bundle of both stepping workouts. You can alternate and never over work.

This workout is also extremely lymphatic. I love the hand stretching and squeezing arm series. It raises heart rate, provides variety and is a go to movement for anyone who works with their hands. This is another - Take T-Tapp to Work - move.

After the workout Teresa uses the T-Tapp lunge series to stretch. IMHO, this is pure genius! It gives you the potential for additional toning and tightening even as it cools you down and stretches you out. Teresa, you never fail to amaze me with the thought and planning you put into these workouts! This section runs about 4-5 minutes - sorry, I was on a T-Tapp high at this point and didn't catch the exact time.  Can a person grin big enough that their grin reaches behind their earlobes? I think I did. :)

The final section of the DVD gives a great method for stopping a calf cramp on a dime, which is very useful info for anyone who walks or runs.

This workout can be used with weighted shoes if you have a pair - I have two. I haven't been using my weighted shoes because I am all about decreasing my inflammatory level these days and the workout is perfect as is for me at this stage in my recovery. It's all about reclaiming myself and I'm gaining on it and this workout is definitely a tool in my wellness tool box.

I do plan to pull out my weighted shoes at some point and do these walking workouts while wearing them and when I do I'll add to this review or put another review up.

On a rehabilitative note this workout helped release my crankly left hip even more than it previously had been released. My T-Tapp workouts have gradually been releasing it but it sometimes goes back out and when it does I can tell because if I put my feet together and slowly bend forward it CLUNKS. Last night during the stretching segments it kind of did a mini clunk and now the CLUNK with a forward bend is simply a CLUNK.

You can purchase this DVD HERE.

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