Friday, March 15, 2013

Tea Forte Update

My tea arrived! It was actually earlier than FedEx estimated after the bounce about incident.

My morning cup 'O tea is sitting in front of me - well off to the side away from the key board. So my reviews for the products I've sampled are as follows.
Tea Forte KATI Cup -Tea Brewing System Love it and just noticed that Amazon has the red on and a few others on sale for $15.00! It's microwavable even with the metal basket in it. I just load the tea into the basket, fill it with water, put the cover on and pop it into the microwave. Then I allow it to steep.
The little basket is great because after the tea brews you can easily dump the spent tea leaves into the trash, give it a little rinse and it's good to go.

Downside for some: It's double walled but the outside can become hot if you fill it with boiling water. That's an upside to me because I love to cup my hands gently around the hot cup and deep breathe or just "be still" while I wait for the tea to cool. It reminds me to pause and then enjoy.
Tea Forte Skin Smart -Cucumber Mint I am enjoying this tea. One thing I've realized about the Tea Forte flavored teas is that the flavors are suble. Keep in mind I've only had a couple of cups of this tea but when I've had it I don't taste overwhelming cucumber or mint, which initially surprised me.
Despite that I really enjoyed it. You need to realize however that none of the teas I had hit you over the head with flavors. It's somewhat like the subtle flavors of fresh fruit versus artificial fruit flavoring.
Tea Forte -Blueberry Merlot I also ordered a tin of the Blueberry Merlot tea. I love having a glass of red wine before bed. Unfortunately red wine doesn't do my sleep cycle any favors. I've also been reading that it isn't great for skin health or for those with worn out adrenals - well not red wine specifically but rather alcohol. It's not like I need the extra calories either - especially right before bed! So for all those reasons I have been forgoing it. I was intrigued by the idea of a tea that could be wine-like so I ordered it. I like it! I will say however that this might be a polarizing tea - either you will love it or hate it. I've read reviews that say it's tart. I would say it you can taste tanins, which is what gives it a wine-like characteristic. But it's definitely tea not wine. That said, it's herbal, relaxing and I slept well last night after sipping a cup before bed.

So all things considered I'd say that my favorites are probably the cherry marzipan, then the cucumber, followed by the honey and then the coconut as far as the "skin" teas go. I also love the blueberry merlot but that's not listed as a "skin tea" as it's herbal not green.

One last thought - I linked to the cannisters on amazon. They're very clean looking and would look nice sitting out on a shelf and since you get 50 cups per cannister they're space efficient. This appeals ot me over having a bunch of tea bags laying around. I'll definitely be trying more and will review them as I do. I just won't hold my breath for fast delivery if I order them with the "free" shipping option. :)

Hope that helps Bee! Also thanks go to Dayna for introducing me to these tasty teas.


Bee said...

Indeed it does, though now I want to try the merlot one, too!! :-) I think I may just order through amazon.

Lannette Madden said...

LOL! I didn't mean to send you over the merlot tea cliff! If you try it or any that I haven't had let me know what you think.

Dayna Talbot said...

Hi Lannette, So glad to hear your info about the tea!!! Glad you like it~I was also impressed with the subtle flavors! I hope you can stop by soon and sample ginger pear.......

Love your blog, it is so informative!

Lannette Madden said...

Sounds great! Good conversation over a cup of tea is always wonderful. I'm so glad that you're enjoying the blog. I really enjoy writing it.