Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The Blood Sugar Solution Cookbook: A review

 "The Blood Sugar Solution Cookbook" was written by Mark Hyman, MD. My first connection to Dr. Hyman was back when his detox food plan was part of a weekend program called "Bliss in a Box", which is no longer in print from what I understand.

I'm always up for some new healthy recipes to try and I wanted to see what the good doctor is up to these days so I jumped at the chance to read and review this one.

His approach is similar to Dr. Joel Fuhrman's in that he cuts out grains and milk products. His approach is different in that he's ok with animal foods and more fat than Dr. Fuhrman is. Dr. Hyman, at least initially restricts fruits to berries unlike Dr. Fuhrman who allows, even encourages 4 fruit servings a day. I provide this info not to sell you on a "diet" but rather to let you know what you will and will not find in the cook book.

I've prepared about 4 recipes from the book and all were tasty. One thing I noted right away was that Dr. Hyman's portions are much smaller than Dr. Fuhrman's. For instance the portion for the "Whole Food Protein Shake" is only one cup (8 ounces). I made this for breakfast on Saturday and initially both DH and I thought that it would not keep us satisfied until lunch as we're used to a lower fat but more plentiful serving sized green smoothie. We were both surprised to note we were more than satisfied - probably due to all the healthy fat the shake contains. Calories for the shake come in at 377 per serving. Yes, all recipes do come complete with calorie counts and nutrition break down.

The other two recipes I tried were both soups. A southwestern black bean soup was a standout for us. It contained so many spices I was wondering if it would be too much but in the end it was quite tasty and worth the chopping it required. GO Vidalia Chop Wizard!

The other soup was equally good as was a Wasabi Salmon salad with nappa cabbage.

The recipes make about 3-4 servings so you won't be eating it for weeks. They are, on the other hand, easily doubled. Serving sizes are all modest but filling.

There is a companion book available called The Blood Sugar Solution. The cookbook gives you a run down on the concepts of Dr. Hyman's plan so if you are more looking for recipes than a new food plan the cookbook would be your best starting point. I may at some point review "The Blood Sugar Solution."

Of note is the fact that Dr. Hyman has apparently gotten quite heavy into supplements. This wasn't an issue with my use of his cookbook. I'm not sure if the same would be true of his other book. When and if I dive in I'll let you know.


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