Wednesday, March 6, 2013

The Search for Minimalism: Clarence's Story

First of all let me say that I think that minimalism is something that needs to be defined by the person who wants to attain it. Your definition of minimalism might be very different than mine might be very different from hers might be very different than his.

I do think that when we step away from the "STUFF" of life we have time to more fully live life. This seems to be the message of the folks who have reached their own proclaimed state of minialism and I believe them.

Second of all, I think it's easy to just talk and think about moving to a more minimalist state of living without ever really taking the all important first step. For me that first step has been beginning to simplify belongings and give away what may be useful for someone else but no longer serves me. Trust me, this is harder to do than it is to type out. :)

It also helps to have a project. My kitchen needs a redo. Not just a touch-up but a serious redo - more like a gut and redo. It's needed a redo for a long time but the time, motivation and plan just hasn't been there. To consider a redo might seem terribly materialistic but no one said that moving toward minimalism means you have to live with a kitchen that is more nonfunctional than functional. :)

Anyway, my hope is that by redoing the kitchen with a minimalist approach I'll spark the desire to let go of more stuff in other areas. You know, just like painting one room and having the rest of the house look shabby by comparison. On another side note, once I went all minimalist the price of project dropped considerably though the functionality didn't.

At any rate on my search for ideas I came across this  most interesting video and thought I'd share it.

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