Thursday, April 25, 2013

15-30 Minute Miracle Workouts: Floor Work

So I've highlighted short standing, Walking, and recovery workouts. Today I want to touch upon floor work and then we'll be ready to play with putting things together.

Floor Work is a love/hate concept for most people. People love the idea of being able to "rest" on  the floor while they workout. Many people hate the actual movements that we tend to do when we perform floor work. Choosing shorter workouts can help you take away some of the dread of floor work while maintaining the benefits - and I promise you there are benefits.

I already talked about my favorite short floor series HERE.

I outlined the fact that the movements are all available for free on the T-Tapp site and linked to them for ease. If you're reading this and are new to T-Tapp this is a great way to experience the movements and power of those movements. As previously mentioned you will receive a DVD that covers Hoedowns, Advanced Hoedowns, Organs in place and Half Frogs when you purchase the book "Fit and Fabulous in 15 minutes." (also available on The floor movements I previously mentioned plus pretzel twist are available on THIS DVD.

Hit the Floor: is another great option. HTF is a 30 minute floor workout that really packs a punch. You can purchase it HERE and receive both the original HTF and also the Hit the Floor Softer DVD. HTF Softer was originally designed for use with weighted shoes but it works quite well without. It runs 37 minutes and so comes in just outside of the 30 minute window but is still a great workout. I hope to eventually have time to talk about ways that these and other T-Tapp DVDs can be shortened by doing part of the workout rather than doing it completely when time is exceptionally tight.

I'm out of time for this morning but I plan to add onto this post by reviewing other workouts over time.  My lofty goal is to review each and every T-Tapp DVD available. That will take some time but is also sure to keep me tapping on a regular basis - total win win. If you want to join me with the rotations and schedules I post we can compare experiences as we shrink together. LOL!


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