Wednesday, April 24, 2013

15-30 Minute Miracle Workouts: Recovery and Realignment

Once again I'm going to choose a workout that I've reviewed previously but again for a very good reason. People have a tendency - and I've said this before as well - to decide that they want to "get in shape" and "hit it hard" without ever thinking about the concept of muscle recovery.

I'm writing this post to remind us all how very important the concept of recovery is. It becomes even more important as we get older. There are multiple non-T-Tapp workouts I could list as "recovery" workouts and at some point I'll probably put up a post that contains that list for those who want to mix programs. Today I want to highlight the Senior Fit Warm-up Workout. I wrote a review of the entire DVD HERE. and HERE.

The Warm-up workout section of this DVD is 16 minutes long and therefore fits brilliantly into the concept of shorter workouts. I consider it to be recovery oriented and yet it's recovery with a purpose.

I think that the idea that recovery has to be "just rest" or an activity that really doesn't have a purpose beyond rest is what gets to some people. Teresa Tapp changed that. This sweet little segment realigns even as it provides you with muscle recovery. Combining realignment with recovery is going to make your next workout that much more effective, which allows you to rest assured that it's not only "ok" to take a recovery day but an important part of the plan to move you to a healthier place.

I totally believe that this workout DVD is worth every penny because of the variety of workouts it provides. I'll highlight additional uses in the future but I do understand that you might not be in a place where you can run out and buy it right this second.

If that is the case there is a back sequence on the T-Tapp site that can be used for realignment and rest as part of any T-Tapp program. You can find it HERE.

 I'll add to this post or put up another that highlights additional short recovery workouts in the future.

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