Tuesday, April 23, 2013

15-30 Minute Miracle Workouts: T-Tapp Step Away the Inches

Step Away the Inches is another of my favorite T-Tapp workouts. During the 60 day challenge I couldn't get enough of these workouts.

If you're a fan of another well known "Walking" workout you might be tempted to consider Step Away the Inches to be "just another walking workout." I'm here to tell you that you'd be missing much of this workout's magic by making that assumption.

Like all the other T-Tapp workouts this one packs more punch than might initially meet the eye. I reviewed the original Step Away the Inches DVD HERE. I also reviewed the Step It To The Max DVD HERE. In those reviews I outline why I believe that these workouts are so special. You can also find links to purchase both of these DVDs on the review pages I linked to above.

The original Step Away the inches comes in just under 25 minutes. Step it to the Max is about 30 minutes long so both fit into my 15-30 minute Miracle Workout designation. But here's something that a lot of people don't even think about. There are various shortened versions of Step Away the Inches available on other T-Tapp DVDs. I'm going to list them and the DVDs they're on.

T-Tapp Broom has two workouts that fit this designation. Walking Workout 1 is 15 minutes long and Walking Workout 2 is 28+ minutes long. I'm planning on doing a full review of this DVD soon. I love the addition of the broom.

The TappCore DVD has a nice 6+ minute Stepping segment. It's great to use as an add on or to extend the time you can do a set of hoedowns, do the stepping segment and then do another set of hoedowns.

T-Tapp More has another 9 minute SATI Segment plus a 7 minute T-Tapp Broom segment. They can be done together or separately depending upon your needs and time you have available.

Once I get enough of these Minute Miracle Workout lists posted to the blog I'll begin putting together some "short on time" rotations and weekly workout schedules using these workouts but for now just getting the lists up is keeping me busy. But not too busy to fit a short workout into each day. ;)



Unknown said...

This is great, Lanette, and timely for me because I'm doing at least a month or so of shorter T-Tapp workouts! I look forward to reading your suggestions.

- Kristen

Lannette Madden said...

Hi Kristen,

I'm glad that you're enjoying this series of posts. Have fun with your month of shorter workouts.